When did you attend Southern Illinois University? How long did you study (or just party) there? Did you last a semester or just never leave? What were your areas of study? Where did you stay during your time in Carbondale? (Dorms, apartments, houses, friend’s couches, etc.) As far as leaving, did you graduate, transfer to another school, flunk out or just move on?

Please tell a little about your favorite Carbondale related memory. One that comes to your head immediately or something you tell your family & friends about your time there. It can be about anything - fun, sweet, cool, unique, feel-good, etc. If you have more then one, feel free to share more!

Please list any “gone wild” memories you either participated or witnessed. Whether it be about partying on the strip, cheating on a test, stealing from the Student Center, sneaking people in dorms, dining & dashing, hooking up with strangers, catching a bad case of the crabs, using illicit substances, etc., - anything you can think of that could possibly fit under a “gone wild” banner. Knowing Carbondale, the categories are endless, so feel free to mention as many as you wish! (if you choose, your name can be kept secret about any of them!)

Think back to your first days in Carbondale. Anything funny or memorable happen (in or out of class) that you remember? How bout roommates - any funny, memorable or horror stories about them? (are you now life long friends, or sworn enemies?)

As far as your love life, did you find your first love, have your first sexual experience, find a soul mate, or just try to get with as many people as possible while going to school there? (or were you there strictly for the academics…)

Any memorable tales of partying on The Strip? What was your favorite bar? Any drink specials or theme nights that stand out? Any “Halloween” or “Spring Fest” tales?

Where you a part of Greek life? If so, what fraternity or sorority where in? What memories stand out?

What was your favorite food to munch on after a night of partying? (Winston Bagels, Pizza slices, Sandwich Man, Jimmy Johns, La Bambas burritos as big as your head, etc.)

Do you recall or witness any accidents? Did you ever hear of any good Carbondale Urban Legends?

Please give me your full name & an email address for our records. Also tell me how you want to be referred to as far as credit in the Acknowledgments section (full name, first name, or anonymous), and if you want your name attached to some memories & not others, just let me know. Any answers you give may be included in the book CARBONDALE GONE WILD! Visit www.carbondalegonewild.com for more information. Thanks for your help!